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​CXG adds a powerful customer-voice survey platform to its VoC program & solutions. NPS, CSAT, CES and other customer satisfaction metrics can now be tracked.
One simple dashboard for all your CX data!
Visualize all your data under one dashboard and make sure everyone across your entire organization receives the same CX insights and responds to it in time.
Run your customer-voice surveys across the globe, from the US, to Europe to China!
In addition to GDPR and HIPAA, CXG Pulse is one of the few platforms in the market that is compliant with the latest China data privacy law – PIPL.​

Is your Voice of Customer program set up for success?

 CXG gives you everything you need to build a powerful Voice of Customer (VoC) program. Our array of solutions empowers you to collect, capture, analyze, visualize, and act on VoC feedback. From survey software to enterprise customer feedback management, we help premium and luxury brands understand and transform how they engage with their customers.​​

Collect the right CX data, the right way​.

CXG Pulse, the newest addition to our CX measurement solutions suite, is a powerful Voice of Customer (VoC) survey platform and solution that allow you to listen to your customers at every stage of their journey. ​

Building a customer-centric business that exceeds every customer expectation starts with the quality of the data captured and collected. With the help of our CX experts enabled by the best technology, we partner with you to design the best VOC programs for your business.

We thrive to transform your customer experience through meaningful CX insights that can inform decisions across every aspect of your organization.

Translate CX data into business value.

Unleash the potential of your data to capture valuable opportunities. The key to the success of your data analysis is timeliness combined with simplicity. ​

Our Voice of Customer (VoC) program solutions, both the technology and the human-driven ones, are packaged to include the support of a CX expert who is there at your reach, every step of the way.

Our customer experience and VoC experts powerfully simplify all your analysis to provide you with greater focus, clarity and actionable advice.

Are you turning your data into timely actionable insights?

Access, visualize, and communicate under one platform.

Are all your teams leveraging the CX insights that you have invested to collect and analyze?

We are here to help you break analytics silos! CXG Connect and CXG App – our proprietary digital tools – visualize all your Voice of Customer VoC insights under one single comprehensive dashboard.

Whether you work with us to collect your CX insights or not, CXG visualization capabilities integrate with other enterprise systems and generate all reports to a single dashboard.

By being present on both the web with CXG Connect, and on mobile with CXG App, your VoC analytics are accessible to your entire organization, from your frontline teams to your CEO.

Don’t just hear from your customers – act on time.

Today, every organization collects CX insights — but very few act on it.

When you act on your customers’ feedback, they will feel truly heard and seen. And when you don’t, they will lose trust in your listening tools, stop giving you constructive inputs, and probably share their negative experiences.

Implement the right tools to conveniently listen to your customers and to take corrective actions on time. Make sure you cover your entire customers’ journey from their very first point of interaction until they stay and grow with you. ​

Reach out to learn more about the multiple solutions and tools covering all the communication channels, supported by expert advice that lets you take action at the speed of now.

Monitor the performance, communicate interactively, and act on the go! Take immediate actions to quickly close the loop and elevate positive feedback while notifying the right people when negative feedback is received.


We help you track every moment that matters across your customer journey

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CXG Pulse

Hear from your customers and delight them.

At CXG we give you everything you need to build powerful VoC programs. CXG Pulse, the newest addition to our suite of solutions, is an unmatched customer-voice survey platform that allows your brand to easily collect VOC feedback at every stage of your customers’ journey

You can now easily capture customer feedback and empower your business to take the right actions at the right time with CXG Pulse robust feature set and its outstanding flexibility. 

CXG Pulse is easy to implement and deploy. Powered by an engine that has been voted the easiest deploy by G2, go-live times scores are 39% faster than the industry average.

CXG Pulse platform can push VoC feedback surveys through QR, SMS, email, app & web intercepts, WeChat, and WhatsApp. It has a strong interface with clients’ CRM systems and related case management and ticketing systems to assist organizations in understanding and transforming how they engage with their customers.

Build a truly customer-centric business by anticipating and exceeding your customers’ expectations and responding to all their needs on time with CXG Pulse!

CXG Pulse provides you with the most flexible and easy-to setup-and-use survey and feedback software.


Start realizing value & apply actionable advice in days with our voice of customer (VoC) solutions.


Flexible solutions and tools to fit your business needs – not the other way around.


High security measures and privacy protocols compliant with the latest security standards and regulations.


A user-friendly and flexible platform allows anyone in any department to collect and act on VoC feedback.

Did you know?

CXG Pulse has extensive security measures and privacy protocols. It is compliant with the latest China data privacy law (PIPL), GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and other security standards and regulations. With flexible security-based role designations, you can determine who can build, control, and consume CX data.

Break analytics silos!

Leverage the CX data you collect by making it accessible​ across your entire organization. From store managers to CEOs, your teams can now visualize​ your voice of customer (VoC) reports on the CXG App on mobile, or through CXG Connect on all devices.​ ​​

Your frontline teams on the field and in stores can now use the CXG App to easily access CX data from their mobile, on the go!

All teams across the organization can use CXG Connect to analyze the CX data and design impactful strategies.

Management teams can access an integrated analytical dashboard, to monitor and connect the CX impact with other programs. ​

Say no to data bias.

While data is objective, relying on a single source of datasets has its limitations.

There are multiple malpractices that can impact the accuracy and the real insights that your data brings to your business. Linking incentives to customer-voice surveys, for example, is a common malpractice that encourages sales advisors to skew the data capture and the subsequent survey results.

The most common malpractice we observe is businesses working with polarized misleading data when their data collection methodology heavily relies on one type of datasets, NPS in particular. Combining datasets from different methods is key to truly understanding your customer experience.

Depending on your business requirements, successful VoC program are designed with the right mix of ​in-store customer experience evaluations, customer-voice surveys, research (panels and focus groups), and pulled methods (online data, call centers and more).

CXG partners with you at every stage of your transformation to help you choose and implement the best CX measurement methodologies for your business. From feedback surveys to in-store evaluations, all our programs provide you with best-in-class CX experts who will assist you in optimizing your voice of customer (VoC) program.

Do you want to take your CX measurement and listening tools to the next level?

Luxury begins with a seamless omnichannel customer journey

Focus on looking at all the touchpoints that matter and integrate customer feedback in every decision. React on time and improve every key moment along your customer journey. Elevate your experience from being omnichannel to becoming channel agnostic.​

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